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"Garant Boats & Yachts" boat service and store in Kaunas

  • Garant Boats & Yachts boat service in Kaunas

    We are happy to present our new boat service department and marine equipment shop located in the Kaunas yacht club at R. Kalantos street 124. Here you will find a service for boats and engines with certified professionals and a small shop with the most useful marine equipment items.

    Now our customers in Kaunas will be able to quickly and without any hassle purchase the necessary outboard part or replenish their stock of boat cleaning products. Also, in the event of an unexpected engine failure, they can immediately repair it at the specialized „Garant Boats & Yachts“ boat and engine service department in Kaunas. In the marine equipment store you will find the most necessary goods, which we have selected based on the demand of our customers: outboards, spare engine parts, engine oils, boat cleaning products, fenders, multifunction displays and other necessary accessories.

    Garant Boats & Yachts Kaunas store

    Garant Boats & Yachts Kaunas store


    The service specialists at Garant Boats & Yachts professionally carry out all major boat and engine repairs and service all pleasure boat systems: electrical, hydraulic, heating, navigation and bow thruster.


    • We provide warranty as well as after-sales service „Suzuki“, „Mercury“ and „Volvo Penta“ engines;
    • We detect engine defects;
    • We change oils and filters;
    • We clean engine fuel systems as well as adjust and inspect the fuel line;
    • We sell original spare parts for engines;
    • We perform professional computer diagnostics for „Mercury“, „Mercruiser“, „Suzuki“, „Volvo Penta“ and „Yamaha“ engines;
    • We arrive on site to diagnose malfunctions and carry out repairs.


    • We lower and pull the boats out of the water
    • We transport the boat to the place of your choice
    • We store boats in heated premises during wintertime
    • We prepare the boat for the new season

    "Garant Boats & Yachts" service rates

    Oil change in the engine and reducer

    2.5 | 3.5 | 4 | 5 | 6 HP  60 EUR
    9.9 | 10 | 15 | 20 HP  75 EUR 
    From 20 to 60 HP  90 EUR 
    From 60 to 150 HP  from 120 EUR 
    From 150 to 400 HP  from 160 EUR 

    3-year or 300 moto-hours engine maintenance

    2.5 | 3.5 | 4 | 5 | 6 HP 85 EUR
    9.9 | 10 | 15 | 20 HP  105 EUR 
    From 20 to 60 HP  135 EUR 
    From 60 to 150 HP  from 190 EUR 
    From 150 to 400 HP  nuo 250€

    Rates of other types of works

    Fuel filter replacement from 25 EUR
    Spark plugs replacement from 6 EUR
    Oil filter replacement  from 8 EUR
    Cooling impeller replacement from 25 EUR
    Carburetor washing from 50 EUR
    Synchronising carburetors   from 50 EUR
    Computer diagnostics of Mercury engine  from 85 EUR
    Computer diagnostics of Suzuki engine  from 85 EUR
    Computer diagnostics of engine Volvo Penta from 110 EUR
    Mechanic working hour  85 EUR
    Electrician working hour  85 EUR 
    Other works by agreement

    Arrival of our specialist

    Arrival within the boundaries of Klaipeda  60 EUR
    Arrival at Dreverna port  70 EUR
    Arrival at Svencele port  80 EUR
    Arrival at Silute port 115 EUR 
    Arrival at Rusne port  135 EUR 
    Arrival at Uostadvaris port 150 EUR 
    Arrival at Minge port 110 EUR 
    Arrival at Smiltyne port 90 EUR 
    Arrival at Nida port  150 EUR 
    Other locations and towns by agreement
    Boat transportation by agreement

    Garant Boats & Yachts boat service in Kaunas

    Garant Boats & Yachts boat service in Kaunas


    We want to be as close to our customers as possible to provide the highest quality service, so we hope that our Kaunas boat service and marine equipment store will fulfill all the expectations of Kaunas water enthusiasts and their life on the water will be even more pleasant than before. Let‘s meet at R. Kalantos str. 124, Kaunas!


    "Garant Boats & Yachts" Kaunas service and store:

    R. Kalantos str. 124, Kaunas
    Service and store:   +370 630 04499
    Boat inquiries:   +370 620 67057
    Working hours:
    from 1st May till 30th September:
    I–V: 8:00–18:00
    VI: 9:00–13:00
    VII: closed

    from 1st October till 30th April:
    I–V: 8:00 - 17:00 
    VI-VII: closed