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  • „Jobe“ Waterproof Gadget Bag
    Code: L108000-0072

    Planning to bring along your beloved phone or gadgets to the water? Prevent a disaster with this waterproof and floatable gadget case and while you're at it you can snap pics, videos or call without a worry! This bag comes with a neck leash and has a hook so you can secure it.

    15.00 VAT incl.
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    Double Action Hand Pump 
    Code: L91000-0021

    Plastic 19" pump. With accordion style hose with 5 different nozzles to fit most valves. Pressure: up to 1 bar (14,5PSI). Capacity: 2x2000cm3.

    35.00 VAT incl.
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    „Jobe“Towable Bag 1-2 Person
    Code: L91000-0031

    Easily store your 1 to 2 person tube with this nylon bag for clean storage.

    24.00 VAT incl.
    „Jobe“Towable Bag 3-5 Person
    Code: L91000-0033

    Store your 3,4 or 5 person tube in this easy to use nylon tube bag. Keep it clean and tidy.

    36.00 VAT incl.
    Jobe Shock Tube
    Code: L93000-011
    Jobe Shock Tube
    19.70 VAT incl.
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