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  • Suzuki single engine precision control box kit

    Code: L51240-0135
  • "Suzuki Precision Control" (67000-98JE8-000) offers boaters the latest in technologically advanced control systems. Suzuki Precision Control is a computer based electronic "Fly-by-Wire" system eliminating mechanical control cables. While you enjoy smooth, friction-free throttle operation, the systems computer is processing and transmitting commands in real-time to actuators at the engine delivering precise throttle control with smooth, decisive shifting

    Kit Includes:
    (1) Single Engine SPC Control Box
    (1) Main Power Key Switch Assembly
    (1) Single Engine Control Panel Assembly
    (1) Warning Buzzer
    (1) Battery Wire
    (1) Boat Control Module (BCM)
    (1) BCM Holder (L)
    (1) BCM Holder (R)
    (1) BCM Connector Cap
    (1) BCM Cushion
    (1) BCM #1 Wiring Harness
    (2) Terminal Resistor
    (1) Troll Mode Switch Panel