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Boot | Düsseldorf exhibition: see how quickly your dream can come true!

Get ready to set sail on an extraordinary journey with Garant Boats & Yachts as we invite you to join us at boot Düsseldorf (20-28th of January), the world's largest yacht and watersports show.

With a rich legacy of nearly 237,000 visitors from over 60 countries and more than 1,500 exhibitors spanning 220,000 square meters, boot Düsseldorf is a maritime haven for sailors and motor boaters alike.

Why Boot | Düsseldorf?

Picture yourself discovering 16 exhibition halls showcasing an exquisite range of boats, from dinghies to luxury yachts. This expo not only presents a comprehensive display of cutting-edge vessels but also hosts thrilling programs, workshops, and activities for enthusiasts and experts alike.

As the official representative of leading global brands, we will guide you through all showcase, sharing insights on boats, yachts, and the latest trends.
Our aim is to create an extraordinary experience, making you an integral part of an exclusive community when you join us at the Boot | Düsseldorf expo.

Join the journey, explore and enjoy! Let's get in touch. /+370 694 47878 /+370 620 67057

Boot Dusseldorf 2024 exhibition