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Aluminum Refurbishment and Cleaning

  • „Sadira“ Raw Aluminium Restorer Gel 1 l
    Code: L63000-035

    Special for vertical surfaces. Removes oxidation, weathering effects, algae and waterline stains on aluminium boats, jon boats and pontoons. Restores the natural finish of bare aluminium.

    18.00 VAT incl.
    „Sadira“ Rust Remover Gel, 500 ml
    Code: L63000-032

    Removes heavy oxidation from iron, steel and stainless steel. Thick gel that holds on treated surfaces. Scale and rust stains remover diluted with water.

    13.20 VAT incl.
    „Sadira“Metal Cleaner, 270 ml
    Code: L63000-027

    Removes dirt, oxidation and matting. Cleans and restores shine in aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, brass and copper. It confers a long-lasting protective layer. To apply in hardware, bells, handrails, candlesticks, propellers and antique metals.

    20.40 VAT incl.
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    „Sadira“ Zentouro universal spray, 405 ml
    Code: L63000-022

    The product penetrates mechanisms slowly, displaces rust and scale, creating a thick protective layer to ensure an exceptional long-lasting effect against rust and corrosion.

    17.00 VAT incl.
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    Sadira“ rust converter, 250 ml
    Code: L63000-014

    Converts rust to stable solid form that protects from a new oxidation. Makes excellent base coat for painting material.

    19.20 VAT incl.