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Unbreakable Tableware and Other Accessories

  • Unbreakable "Marine Business" tableware will come in handy during your trips with a boat or yacht. Purchase glasses, cups, plates and other household accessories that will not break or scratch during your trips. 

    "Marine Business" melamine tableware and unbreakable glassware, table and kitchen utensils, towels for boats, beach and bath towels are made of the highest quality materials. Use these convenient and practical utensils not only on your boat or yacht, but also in the garden, garden house, house on wheels or during various outdoor activities.

    "Marine Business" marine-themed products, which exude Italian elegance and design and do not shatter. You can choose from a wide segment of goods, that include shatterproof and scratch-resistant glasses and cups as well as a set of high-quality bed linen or rugs. These shatterproof marine utensils are made of melamine. You can choose from shatterproof glassware, tableware and kitchen utensils, beach or bath towels made of the highest quality materials, so this product will not only be useful in your everyday life, but will be a great addition to the interior of your boat or yacht. 

    You can use these utensils not only on your boat or yacht, but also in a garden house, on the terrace, in a camper and everywhere else where you feel the need to make outdoor life even more comfortable and practical.

    "Garant Boats & Yachts" orders these goods according to your wishes and delivers them to your home!