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Fuel tanks

  • Fuel tank "Suzuki", 22 l
    Code: L55700-0076

    Fuel tank "Suzuki", 22 l

    98.00 VAT incl.
    Fuel tank "Eltex", 22 l
    Code: L55700-028-inct

    Made of Eltex, RINA and CE type-tested, fitted with drain plug, hose adapter and vent plug; includes reserve and gas expansion chamber.

    50.40 VAT incl.
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    „Eltex“ fuel tank, 53 l
    Code: L55700-0058
    Includes main unit system, plug, vent, drain plug, made-ready for fuel level systems (mechanical levels models 52.037.00 may be used, or electrical levels that are similar to our model 27.160.00 or others, or also axial floaters models 27160/150/161/151 with 5 hole universal flange.
    174.00 VAT incl.
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