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Pakabinamas katerio dyzelinis variklis „Mercury“ Racing Optimax 3.0L XL

  • Pakabinamas katerio dyzelinis variklis „Mercury“ Racing Optimax 3.0L XL

    Kodas: L51210-0044
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    Pakabinamas dyzelinis katerio variklis „Mercury“ Racing 3.0l Optimax. Variklis yra XL kojos. Variklį įsigyti ir apžiūrėti galite jau dabar.

    Kojos ilgis
    25"/ 635 mm
    Prekės ženklas
    3.0 l
    Maksimalių darbinių apsukų diapazonas
    F - N - R, Priekinė / Neutrali / Atbulinė
    Variklio svoris
    235 kg
  • INTRODUCING THE OPTIMAX DIESEL, a second engine in Mercury Racing’s arsenal of “stealth” outboards. Developed for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), this exclusive spark ignited, direct fuel injected 2-stroke runs on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel which is readily available around the globe. The 3.0 Liter V-6 Diesel, which produces 175 propshaft horsepower, shares 95% of its components with the gasoline engine it was derived from. And, with only a handful of unique parts, there are minimal training requirements necessary for maintenance.

    A two-stage direct-injection system uses a small charge of compressed air to finely atomize the diesel fuel as it injects it into the combustion chamber. Atomizing the fuel into a fine mist allows for ignition via spark to occur while delivering enhanced high rpm running quality. A glow plug works in concert with the spark plug for improved cold weather starting and idle quality.

    An on board Propulsion Control Module (PCM) microprocessor optimizes fuel and spark timing for improved running quality and performance throughout the engine's operating range. SmartCraft® Engine Guardian provides real-time, self-protection engine fault diagnostics and messaging.

    Mercury Racing® OptiMax Diesel outboards are available with a 25” (635 mm) center section and the 2:1 Fleet Master gearcase in both right-hand and left-hand rotation.

    Industry exclusive spark ignited diesel engine. Glow plug ensures consistent, reliable cold starting.
    • Mercury Racing cylinder heads designed specifically for combusting diesel fuel.
    • High performance cylinder liners for maximum horsepower and optimal engine running quality.
    • Fuel/air mixture is injected into the combustion chamber at 95 psi (15 psi higher fuel/air differential than standard OptiMax product) for enhanced high rpm running quality.
    • Custom calibrated Propulsion Control Module (PCM) microprocessor optimizes fuel and spark timing for enhanced running quality and performance.
    • SmartCraft Engine Guardian provides real-time, selfprotection engine fault diagnostics and messaging.
    • Electronic multipoint lubrication system delivers precise amounts of oil where and when it’s needed.
    • Multi-strike ignition coils fire spark plugs up to seven times per revolution for a complete fuel burn, eliminating any chance of misfire.
    • The 60-amp, belt-driven alternator is the most powerful in its class.
    • Acoustically tuned foam cowling wrap and new exhaust bucket design results in quieter engine sound throughout the operating range.
    • Stealthy tone-on-tone graphics featuring the new Mercury Racing word mark.