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  • Purškiama apsauginė priemonė vinilui „Star Brite“, 500ml

    Kodas: L63000-0162

    „Vinyl Brite“ valo ir atkuria seną vinilą kaip naują, palikdamas apsauginę dangą, kuri padės atlaikyti būsimus oro sąlygų pakitimus. 80316GF

    Star Brite
  • Description Vinyl Brite cleans and restores old vinyl to a like-new appearance while leaving a protective coating that helps prevent future weathering. Features Protects and moisturizes vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. Keeps new vinyl looking good; adds shine to old vinyl. Spray on, wipe up excess; ideal for car interiors & tires, too. Directions Vinyl surface should be free of all dirt, grease or wax. Clean surface with Star brite® Vinyl Shampoo or Star brite® Boat Wash, rinse off and allow surface to dry thoroughly. Apply a thin even coat of Vinyl Brite with sprayer, a lint free cloth or a sponge. Allow Vinyl Brite to penetrate surface then buff off excess. For greater, longer lasting protection apply a second coat. Vinyl Brite will leave your vinyl with a bright, tough water resistant finish. Repeat process as often as necessary to keep vinyl looking new.